1. Estimations of Russian population health status

2. Russian healthcare system and its financing

 2.1. Health insurance system and the main types of medical services providers

 2.2. Healthcare sector reforms

 2.3. Structure of financial resources for public healthcare

3. Policy and procedures of medical equipment procurement for public healthcare

 3.1. Legal acts on procurement for state needs and its practical implementation

 3.2. Medical equipment: general situation and the procurement policy in St.-Petersburg

 3.3. Estimations of medical equipment market in Russia

4. Conclusion


Appendix 1. The Guaranteed Package Program contents

Appendix 2. Basic indicators of economic development and healthcare expenditures by region

Appendix 3. Distribution of expenditures on medical equipment procurement by region, 2004-2007

Appendix 4. Number of outpatient facilities and hospitals by region, 2004-2007

Appendix 5. Provision of medical services providers with equipment: a case of St.-Petersburg

Appendix 6. Review of medical equipment exhibitions carried out in Russia

Appendix 7. List of experts, participating in the research project


Table 1. Healthy life expectancy (HALE) at birth in Russia and the developed countries

Table 2. Russian population: coverage by and attitude to voluntary insurance

Table 3. Main types of medical services providers

Table 4. Regional distribution of medical centers and hospitals

Table 5. Indicators of healthcare sector development

Table 6. Typical distribution of funds for various public healthcare facilities

Table 7. State financing of healthcare by sources (billion USD)

Table 8. Procurement procedures based on the Federal laws

Table 9. Main medical services providers in St.-Petersburg

Table 10. Total size of Russian medical equipment market

Table 11. Medical equipment by types(share in total imports)


Figure 1. Life expectancy in Russia and Japan in 1965-2005

Figure 2. Trends in infant mortality in Russia and selected developed countries, 1960-2005

Figure 3. Deaths by cause in Russia, 2007

Figure 4. General scheme of public healthcare financing

Figure 5. Dynamics of budget expenditures on healthcare and medical equipment procurement

Figure 6. Tender procedure: timeline and main actions of supplier and customer

Figure 7. Decision-making process on equipment procurement

Figure 8. Imports of medical equipment and consumables into Russia

Figure 9. Russian medical equipment imports by country of origin in 2007

Figure 10. Change in Russian imports composition over time

Figure 11. Major players on the Russian equipment market